Seven Valleys, Pennsylvania, United States


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Meet our Bengal Girls


Meet Our Sweet Girl Miss Arya

Arya is our Beautiful Girl from our girl Meka.  Arya has stunning green eyes and she is a beautiful color.  Her kittens get her amazing personalty and are very nice.  Arya is a wonderful mom and we are proud to have her.  Casanova and Arya's kittens have nice bold rosettes and rich colors. Arya has a lot of Glitter in her coat and so does her kittens.  Arya has the the sweetest Chirp and we love to hear her talk to us.


Meet Our Charcoal Snow Beauty Miss Miley

Miley is one super special Bengal girls.  **GLITTER GLITTER GLITTER** Her coat is full of Glitter !

 Her personality is playful, fun and loving. Miley loves to play with her feather wand and she can jump really high! When Miley is done playing she's is ready to cuddle up and PURR loudly as we love on her.  Miley will make a great mom as we have seen her with Meka's kittens and she was a huge helper.  Bengals are such a smart bred. I love being a breeder of these amazing cats.

*Miley is on the right...

MISS ARYA is the cute little one on the left.  Arya is one of Meka's kitt bengal kittens ens. Meka passed her super sweet personality, soft fur and cute chirping to ARYA.