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Welcome to TICA registered Willow Dream Bengals located in Central Pennsylvania. We are a very small Bengal cattery, dedicated to producing healthy happy Bengal with vibrant markings and patterns.  Our cats are from all over the WORLD.....USA, Croatia, Germany, Poland,Russia and Belarus.

Our cats have all been tested negative for PK Deficiency and PRA.  Parents HCM negative.  We offer a health guarantee on all of our kittens.

Our love for the breed comes from our first Bengal, Willow.  Willow made me fall in love with her.  She would follow me everywhere and talk to me. I could get her to fetch too. Willow was the reason I started to breed this beautiful cat.  The personalities they have are just amazing.  Super soft fur and beautiful markings with glitter.

 Our love for animals spans through my entire life and the passion I have in breeding shines through in our beautiful Bengal babies.

So I welcome you to scroll through my site and come to know my family and my Bengals. Please feel free to inquire about upcoming litters in Fall of 2019

up coming liters 2019

Ms. Blue Hawaii


Blue Hawaii and Casanova 

Planned for August 2019

We are excited to see what these two Beauties create.

****Accepting deposits**** 

Expect Browns and Snows

Blue is our girl who is in charge and her kittens are adorable and super sweet. 

HCM Tested 2017-Negative 

Bella Rose-Her First Liter


Bella Rose & Casanova 

Planned for August 2019

Bella and Casanova  should make an amazing pair.

Bella has a lot of Rosettes and a Gorgeous Face

Expect Browns and Snows

Bella  is just a charmer.  She is very kind and likes to talk and tell us about her day.  Super soft and so beautiful.  We can not wait to see these kittens.

****Deposit List is full****

If she has more than the 4 deposits we will update 

Our Silver Queen Khaleesi


Khaleesi and Drogan

Planned for September 2019

****Accepting deposits for holiday kittens**** 

Khaleesi is like a queen, soft, sweet and very regal looking.  Her eyes are just beautiful.  She is a soft spoken bengal.

Drogan is a big sweet doll !  He is our big cuddly boy !

Both HCM Tested July 2019-Negative 

Octavia our Croatia Beauty


Octavia and Casanova

Planned for September 2019

Octavia is my daughters baby girl, they have a beautiful connection.

This will be our first time pairing these two.

We are hoping to get some amazing rosettes on these kittens. 

****Accepting deposits****

Exceptional  Beautiful Browns 

HCM Screened 2019-Negative 

Ms. Miley


Miley and Casanova 

Planned for November 2019

Miley is my sons cat and his personal chatter box. She talks a lot and fetches anything he throws, one seriously smart cat.

Miley is our pretty Charcoal Brown Girl

Casanova and Miley produce beautiful kittens with huge rosettes. 

****Accepting deposits****

Expect Charcoal Browns, Browns and Snows



 Casanova is a Big Beautiful boy from Germany.  

Super Sweet Guy with amazing Bright Green eyes.

His kitties are AMAZING !! 

ALL of our Cats have the GLITTER GENE & SPARKLE

HCM Tested 2019- Negative 

Bengal Pricing Information & Guarantee


Bengal Kitten Prices

Our kittens are: PRICES UPDATE JUNE 2019

$1,600.00 -1,700.00 for Browns with Black rosettes, spots and strips

$1,650.00- $1,750.00 for Snows, Charcoal Snows, Snow Sepia.

$1,700-1,800.00 for Silvers

Khaleesi and Drogan Silver Kittens

$1,700.00 to $1800.00  *Parents are both Silvers

Each receive a 72 hour warranty for viral diseases as well as a 1 year warranty for congenital and hereditary defects, along with 30 days of free Trupanion pet insurance.  

All breeders are screened routinely for HCM, FIV/FeLV, PKD1, PRA-b & PK Deficiency.

Deposits are $250.00

*Deposits are a reservation for a kitten, all deposits are non refundable. 

Most kittens can go to their Forever home at 12 to 14 weeks, our Veterinarian decides the time.  All kittens are vaccinated, dewormed, and examined by a licensed veterinarian. We also give you starter food and a care sheet.

30 Days of Trupanion

Kittens are 100% pure Bengal and are TICA registered.


Bengal Kittens can be shipped through the Airlines.  Shipping rates vary from each airline.  We will drive up to 40 miles to meet for free.  200 Delivery Courier Fee up to 3.5 hours

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